Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Board Likely to Decide on Management at 12/14 Meeting

The Cedar Run HOC board will reportedly try to make a final decision on management at their 12/14 board meeting.  There are five total candidates being considered, which include HHSG (who formerly served as receiver).

The names of the management companies under consideration will not be published on this blog, out of respect for the privacy of the candidates (this is a public website and could affect search engine results).   However, Cedar Run homeowners are welcome to email the blog team at restoreCR@gmail.com for a complete list of candidates.

All owners are encouraged to attend the 12/14 meeting.  Normal board business will be conducted at the meeting, followed by a homeowner session.  This session will be an opportunity for homeowners to provide final comments or feedback before the board debates its management options.  The board may decide to have these discussions/debates in a closed session, but the results will be announced immediately thereafter.

As always, feel free to email restoreCR@gmail.com or call (or text) the blog hotline at (224) 544-9058 with any questions or comments.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

HOC Board to Interview Management Companies

Notice was sent to all Cedar Run unit owners, which included the date and times of four meetings with prospective management companies.

Tonight (Wed 11/16) will be the first of these four meetings.  All owners are welcome to attend and observe as the board members interview the management companies.  These interview meetings are the result of the efforts from the HOC board's management committee.  Reportedly, they have met with several management companies, and they have narrowed the search to these four finalists.  (HHSG is a fifth finalist, and they have already presented to the board)

The full schedule of meetings dates are as follows:

Wed 11/16 7PM
Thurs 11/17 7PM
Wed 11/30 7PM
Thurs 12/1 7PM

All meetings are at the Cedar Run clubhouse.

Meetings like this, in the presence of homeowners, are unprecedented in Cedar Run.  This is a level of transparency that most owners have never seen.  Contrast this to the three years of Sher/Shaw conducting any and all board business in private (which happens to be illegal).  Given this history, all homeowners are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings and provide feedback.

It is also widely believed that many of the Cedar Run phase association will consider hiring the company that is selected by the HOC board.  The impact of these interviews could be quite profound.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cedar Run HOC Board Meeting Tomorrow

Cedar Run HOC Board Meeting
Wednesday 11/9/16 7PM
Cedar Run Clubhouse

Tomorrow is the 2nd Wednesday of the month, meaning that it's board meeting time!  Since receivership officially ended as of 11/1, this is technically the first board meeting with a fully empowered board.  As always, we encourage all homeowners to attend.

We can probably expect an update on parking and the search for management.

We have also received word that HHSG will give a brief presentation, immediately following all board business.  HHSG is currently under a short-term, interim management agreement with the board.  It is our understanding that they will be presenting the board with a proposal to manage the HOC for the long term.  Board members have indicated that HHSG is one of the management candidate that they are considering.

It is also our understanding that some of the limitations to HHSG's management ability within that last two years were due, in part, to the legal constraints of receivership.  Our experience with them may be somewhat different now that receivership has ended.  Perhaps this will be better explained during the presentation.

As always, you are fee to direct any questions to restoreCR@gmail.com, and we will pass it along to the appropriate party.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Cedar Run Receivership Ending on 11/1/16; HHSG Hired on Interim Management Agreement

It is Finally Ending!!

Cedar Run HOC was placed in receivership by the court in February of 2015 due to egregious and blatantly illegal activities by the Sher/Shaw group that was in control at the time.  This receivership order will expire at 11:59 PM on October 31, 2016, thus putting the elected board (voted in on August 4th) in full control of all HOC operations.

HHSG, the company that was assigned by the court to act as Receiver, will officially become Cedar Run HOC's management company and report directly to the board of directors.  They will no longer be an agent of the court as far as Cedar Run management operations are concerned.

Although the board has signed a management agreement with HHSG, the board is still considering  other management companies.  At the request of the board, HHSG agreed to a short term, interim contract with the Cedar Run HOC.  This contract has a "60-day Opt-out" clause, meaning that the board can terminated it within 60 days after giving written notice.  The purpose of this agreement was to give the board more time to make an informed choice on future management.

Things to note about Cedar Run HOC management:
  • The board has formed a committee with the sole purpose of exploring management options and reporting back to the board members.
  • As described by committee members at the 10/19 board meeting, the committee is also evaluating candidates' viability to manage Cedar Run's eleven Phase Associations.
  • Per the board's decision at the 10/19 board meeting, the committee will select companies as finalists that will be interviewed by the board at open meetings (i.e. homeowners are welcome to attend).
  • While HHSG is currently working under an interim agreement, they are also being considered as a candidate (potentially a finalist) for the long-term management of Cedar Run.

***Important Change to Payment Instructions***
By now, all Cedar Run unit owners should have received a statement from HHSG, which includes payment instructions.  Some important things to note:
  • All owner account numbers have changed.
    • While the payment address and general instructions have not changed, Unit owners will need to indicate their NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER (found on the statement) to ensure their payment posts properly.
  • The balance on this latest statement may not be correct.
    • It does not reflect any balance that owners may have had during receivership.
    • Those balances will eventually carry over, but there may be some formalities with the court before that can happen.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Cedar Run Update: Next Master Board Meeting - 10/19

Cedar Run HOC October Board Meeting
Wednesday 10/19/16 7PM
Cedar Run Clubhouse
The main agenda item for the meeting will be the official adoption of the FY 2017 budget.
  • You'll notice that this meeting is one week later than normal (third Wednesday rather than second Wednesday).
    • This was done to allow sufficient notice to all homeowners regarding the budget.
    • By law, homeowners must receive a copy of the proposed budget at least 30 days before its adoption.
  • There will be NO INCREASE to the HOC monthly assessment fee for FY 2017. It will remain at $125/mo.

Parking Program
In other News, parking registration has begun for those who wish to lease (or renew) a reserved parking space.
  • All owners applying for or renewing their leased parking space must bring proof of their vehicle registrations to the clubhouse.
    • All registrations must be current, and all vehicles must be registered to the owner's Cedar Run address in order to be eligible.
    • You must have at least three vehicles with current registrations to be eligible for a street space.
  • The cost ($120) and rules are mostly unchanged from this last year with one additional compliance requirement:
    • Anyone applying for or renewing a space must also make an appointment to have an HOC employee inspect their garage interior to ensure that it can fit a vehicle.  Photos will be taken and kept on file to document compliance.
      • This inspection requirement is intended to ensure compliance to the existing rule - which states that all owners must first use their garage and driveway space before being granted street parking space.
      • The use of Cedar Run Garages for storage, living space and purposes other than storing a vehicle seems to be quite widespread.

Homeowner Participation
Last, (but definitely not least), please do attend the board meeting and bring all of your questions, comments, and concerns.  There will be a homeowners' session after board business is finished, and homeowners will have a chance to speak.  As always, if you are unable to make the meeting and you would like something addressed, please email us at restoreCR@gmail.com.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Next HOC Board Meeting 9/14/2016

Cedar Run HOC Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 7:00 PM
Cedar Run Clubhouse

We encourage all homeowners to attend the upcoming board meeting. The central topic of the meeting will be the FY 2017 budget (which begins on November 1st).  The budget will determine the dues assessed to each owner and also determine how homeowner money will be spent or allocated.  The best way to be "in the know" is to attend the meeting in person.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but have a question you'd like addressed, please email restoreCR@gmail.com, and we will do our best to get your question answered.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Board Elected - First Meeting 8/10/16

It's Official!

Cedar Run Now has an elected Board of Directors!

The election on Thursday, 8/4, was well attended and fairly officiated.  Twelve (12) new board members were elected.  The board then convened and selected officers among themselves.

The following individuals were elected to a 3 year term:
Ramon De La Trinidad (President)
Robert Schulman (Vice President)
Evelia Albavarra
Osmin Carranza

The following individuals were elected to a 2 year term:
Jan Kurtz (Treasurer)
James Hartmann
Allane Storto
William Perrill

The following individuals were elected to a 1 year term:
Mark Rozema (Secretary)
Kay Miller
Sue Koehl
Daniel DeLeon

First Meeting
Wednesday, August 10th 7PM
Cedar Run Clubhouse

The board was advised by the receiver to meet as soon as possible in order to address some time-sensitive decisions.  Homeowners should receive a mailing from the receiver, notifying them of this meeting.  Homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.