Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Two Weeks Until Cedar Run Election

By now, all  Cedar Run homeowners should have received a mailing that included the following:

  1. A list of nominated candidates
  2. A set of rules describing how the election will be conducted
  3. A Proxy with two options
  4. A Letter entitles "Overview of Litigation"
Our focus for today's blog post is item #4, Overview of Litigation.


A copy of this letter can be found HERE.

The Overview of Litigation was approved by the court and ordered to be disseminated to all owners.  The issuing of this letter is a very important, necessary step to ensure that all owners understand the legal issues that have plagued Cedar Run over the past four years.  It is critical that all Cedar Run owners can make their decision on August 4th as INFORMED VOTERS.

While there is much detail left out of this letter, it  does provide a concise, factually correct summary of what has happened in Cedar Run, why we are in receivership, and why we are having this election.

Whether you are a long-time owner or a recent buyer, we strongly encourage you to read this Overview of Litigation.

Some items to note within the letter:

The Sher/Shaw group adopted a set of By-Laws in 2012 without notifying or getting approval from homeowners.  These bylaws conflicted with Illinois law and were determined, by the court, to be void.  A copy of these By-Laws (Which we've often appropriately referred to as "The Bogus By-Laws") can be found HERE.

An Exclusive Consulting Agreement was signed in 2012 between the HOC ("Party #1") and Robert Sher & Jack Shaw ("Party #2").  This agreement, even more so than the Bogus Bylaws, essentially guaranteed employment and pay for Robert & Jack for EIGHT YEARS.  It's worth noting that the only signature on the agreement for "Party #1" was Barbara Shaw....The wife and daughter of both members of "Party #2", respectively.  A copy of this agreement can be found HERE.

Robert Sher and Jack Shaw received a total of $168,920.55 for serving on the oversight committee. This figure came directly from a court-approved report by the accounting firm Frost, Ruttenberg & Rothblatt (FR&R).  A copy of the text of the report can be found HERE.

Within the FR&R report, you'll find information that is even more appalling regarding how the Sher/Shaw group handled Cedar Run's finances, taxes, collections, employees, relationships with contractors.  You'll also see that over $218K went to their family's law firm, Shaw Legal Services, and the over $43K paid out to settle judgements that were filed against them by vendors.

The numbers DO NOT LIE, and this was all funded with OUR MONEY!

Please stay tuned for more updates, as well as some statements from actual candidates who are running for positions on the Cedar Run HOC board.

In the meantime....
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cedar Run HOC Election Scheduled for August 4th, 2016

By now, Cedar Run homeowners should have received a notice from the receiver about the election.  This notice should have included a self-nomination form for those who wish to run for a position on the new board.  (We will post a scanned copy of this nomination form on the blog shortly)

We encourage all who want to take part in deciding Cedar Run's future to fill out this form and turn it into the clubhouse before 6/29/16.  We also welcome you to email us at if you'd like us to consider posting your information (i.e. bio, qualifications or any statements you'd like to make) on this blog.  If you are unable or undecided by the 6/29 deadline, don't let that deter you from running.  You can still do so as a write-in candidate, and write-in candidates often win elections in community associations like ours.

It has been FOUR YEARS since the last election for this board.  Let's all participate in the process and select the best candidates to move Cedar Run forward!

More information will be posted in the next few days, so please stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Paving Repairs Postponed to Thursday 6/23

" Paving repairs are postponed until Thursday the 23rd do to the forecasted thunderstorms."

The Receiver.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Road Paving to Begin Week of June 20th

The following announcement (in bold) was passed along to us by HHSG:

"Next week 20-25 June we will be repairing streets and filling pot holes. 

***UPDATE*** Start date now Thursday 6/23 due to weather***

I suspect  based on the weather that the work will begin Tuesday the 21st  Wednesday the 22nd Thursday the 23rd
Jaspen, Zee and Harms Court  will have the top two inches of pavement removed and then repaved. All vehicles must be out of Jaspen, Zee and Harms Court  no later than 6:30 AM, 22 23 June.  Vehicles left in the street after 6:30am will be towed  and the owner charged. Vehicles may return after 7:00 PM 22 23 June.  Parking in the club house is allowed on the 23rd

***UPDATE*** Start date now Thursday 6/23 due to weather***

I will post notices on each unit and parked car on those three courts no later than Friday

No other parking restrictions are in place on other streets."

Please contact HHSG with any questions.  Also, printable fliers in both English and Spanish are available.

Click HERE for the English version
Click HERE for the Spanish version

Friday, June 3, 2016

Update from the Receiver

The following update was emailed to us by the receiver:

  1. Paving repairs are going thru the permit process with the Village of Wheeling (3-4 week process)
  2. Pool passes are required each year since we have to confirm the unit owner is paid in full to the HOC
  3. Trees are being removed due to disease, dead trees can and will be a hazard during storms.
  4. I’ve chosen to hold off on the sign so the new board can choose the design.
  5. Elections should be in July or August, this is a process that requires specific approvals and timing.
Finally please enjoy the beautiful property that you own.  The pool, parks and ponds are beautiful. The clubhouse is available for parties, the landscaping is very nice and the grounds are clean.  Negative comments at this stage indicate a lack of desire to move forward. The HOC is better today than it was and it will continue to improve.

Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

(Quick) Update from Receiver

Quick Update

1) We started towing cars from the club house parking lot

2) Pool repairs are progressing as planned

3) The large pond fountain is under repair

4) Owners can call the tow company to have cars towed from their assigned spot but must give their name and some other info to the driver. 

5) Landscape clean up continues over the next few weeks

6) There is no date planned for the election yet

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Update From Receiver

The following information was provided to us by HHSG with instructions to post it for all Cedar Run residents/owners:

  1. We are collecting quite a bit of money from the delinquent accounts lowering the AR balance weekly.
  2. There are only four parking spots not rented for the year.  89, 150, 168 and 175.
  3. I encourage owners to stop by and read or pick up the FRR report. (which can also be downloaded HERE)
  4. Spring cleanup by Landscape Concepts will be done in a the next few weeks.
    • Trees are being planted by mid-April
    • Plow damage to the grass will be repaired after April 15
    • We are mulching the tree rings but not the large maples.
    • Pond fountains will be installed in April
    • Spring flowers will be installed in mid-April
  5. Pool passes will only be issued to residents that are up to date on their assessments.
  6. Towing continues, however we’ve had very few tows in the past few weeks.  People are following the rules.
  7. Security cameras were updated and the system upgraded in the past few weeks.  The cameras were damage by a few teenagers last week.  We have them on camera and the film has been turned over to the police.  Receiver will press charges as soon as the vandals are identified.
  8. The office hours at the club house are Monday  and Wednesday 3:00 – 7:00 pm and Friday  1:00-4:00 pm
  9. The office staff is creating a standard operating procedure manual in order to provide continuity of operations to the new Board.
  10. Election of a new HOC  board is planned for May 2016.

**UPDATE Additional comments below in response to recent owner comments UPDATE**

Good questions are put forth via this blog.  I will answer a few of the points raised. 
  1. Trees are going in where they were removed unless it was not prudent from a landscape perspective to reinstall at the same location.
  2. The tow company will tow cars if they are in your spot or blocking your driveway. 
  3. Call the tow company if you see an issue.  They will come out at some point.  However they are not waiting for calls so they will get there as soon as the can.
  4. I’ve asked the tow company to increase the patrolling on the weekend.  They have confirmed they will be there more often.
  5. Grass seeding will be after the 15th. Too early will waste the HOC's money if there is a freeze.  BTW its snowing today :)
  6. Parking is a problem, I understand that.  I'm not authorized to overturn a program of this magnitude. As I've explained to numerous people the new board can change that program after the election.
  7. Street repairs are very expensive.  I will be doing some repairs in the next two months but they are limited in scope. 
  8. There are other management companies that are viable options for the Board to select after the elections. The selection process should be very deliberate.
  9. Spring Clean up begins next week weather permitting
  10. The fountains are in as expected
  11. The planter has been repaired
  12. The fence has been repaired
  13. Security camera's are repaired

Finally, the majority of calls we get here at HHSG are from people who are behind in their assessments.  My staff here can answer most of the items mentioned above with a short email or a pone call.  Leave a message if you go to voice mail please.  Or email the Homeowner Services Department at

Also FYI, we have English, Spanish, and Russian speakers on staff.