Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Next HOC Board Meeting 9/14/2016

Cedar Run HOC Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 7:00 PM
Cedar Run Clubhouse

We encourage all homeowners to attend the upcoming board meeting. The central topic of the meeting will be the FY 2017 budget (which begins on November 1st).  The budget will determine the dues assessed to each owner and also determine how homeowner money will be spent or allocated.  The best way to be "in the know" is to attend the meeting in person.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but have a question you'd like addressed, please email, and we will do our best to get your question answered.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Board Elected - First Meeting 8/10/16

It's Official!

Cedar Run Now has an elected Board of Directors!

The election on Thursday, 8/4, was well attended and fairly officiated.  Twelve (12) new board members were elected.  The board then convened and selected officers among themselves.

The following individuals were elected to a 3 year term:
Ramon De La Trinidad (President)
Robert Schulman (Vice President)
Evelia Albavarra
Osmin Carranza

The following individuals were elected to a 2 year term:
Jan Kurtz (Treasurer)
James Hartmann
Allane Storto
William Perrill

The following individuals were elected to a 1 year term:
Mark Rozema (Secretary)
Kay Miller
Sue Koehl
Daniel DeLeon

First Meeting
Wednesday, August 10th 7PM
Cedar Run Clubhouse

The board was advised by the receiver to meet as soon as possible in order to address some time-sensitive decisions.  Homeowners should receive a mailing from the receiver, notifying them of this meeting.  Homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

List of All Individuals Paid Under Sher/Shaw Now Available

Under the Sher/Shaw controlled HOC Master board....
  • Ever wonder who was paid to serve on the board (even though it's illegal)?
  • Or Who was paid to work for the board?
This information is available in the 3500+ Frost, Ruttenberg, & Rothblatt (FR&R) accounting report.
We've excerpted the following information below:
  • All funds paid out to Robert Sher: $103,479.98
    • For an itemized list, click HERE
  • All funds paid out to Jack Shaw: $65,440.57
    • For an itemized list, click HERE
  • All funds paid out to Board Members: $35,462.52
    • One of these individuals, who is a candidate for the 8/4 election, alone received $18,500.96
    • For an itemized list, click HERE
  • All funds paid out to other individuals: $180,627.03
    • For an itemized list, click HERE
 We ask you to consider these facts when casting your vote on August 4th. We urge all blog readers to vote for and/or delegate their proxy to any of the following candidates who have supported and contributed to this blog:

Rob Schulman
(proxy for Schulman available HERE)
Jan Kurtz
(proxy for Kurtz available HERE)
Jim Hartmann
(proxy for Hartmann available HERE)

Statement from Candidate Rob Schulman

The following statement was written by Robert (Rob) Schulman, candidate for the 8/4 election, who recently co-wrote and sent a postcard to all Cedar Run homeowners.

Any admin comments added below will be in BLUE.

Dear Homeowners,

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement, and thank you  to the blog crew for allowing me to post it here.

It has been nearly FOUR YEARS since Cedar Run had its last Master Board election!  But we are finally rounding the corner to August 4th, when we can vote in a new board that will make important decisions about the future of our community.

We've spent about 18 months in receivership and had a majority of our funds depleted as a direct result of irresponsible, impulsive, self-serving decisions and the legal ramifications of those decisions.  These decisions were made by Robert Sher and Jack Shaw, and ratified by a board of directors who were fooled into thinking they were doing good or were bullied into submission.

I could ramble on for days about all that was done under Sher and Shaw, but here are just a few highlights:
  • ILLEGAL & improper collection of phase assessments that resulted in unprecedented delinquency rates and a collection crisis that got several homeowners evicted.
  • Creation of ILLEGAL bylaws that benefited Sher & Shaw and a few others, while giving a raw deal to Cedar Run homeowners. [Admin comment:  These Bylaws can be viewed by clicking HERE]
  • Signing of an ILLEGAL contract, that guaranteed Sher and Shaw would stay on the payroll for 8 YEARS!!  [Admin comment:  This contract can be viewed by clicking HERE]
  • About a dozen lawsuits (including the one that landed us in receivership) that have cost well over a quarter million dollars of homeowner money thus far to settle.
  • All the IRS problems, payola & graft, accounting blunders, and outrageous incompetence outlined in the 30 page accounting report. [Admin comment:  The FR&R report can be viewed by clicking HERE]
  • Multiple newsletters, clubhouse presentations, and other propaganda that slandered ME and anyone else who would dare to criticize or question Sher, Shaw, or the board's actions.
  • To top it off, WE PAID THESE CLOWNS about $170 grand for their services!! [Admin comment: "these clowns" were paid $168,920.55 to be exact]
Now that we have an election, it is vitally important that we learn from the past and make Cedar Run the best it possibly can be.

I stand with my fellow candidates (who also contributed to the cost of the postcards), Jan Kurtz and Jim Hartmann.  I also stand with ANY of the other candidates (be they nominated or write-in) who share my vision to Restore Cedar Run and believe in the following ideas:
  1. Cedar Run must be professionally managed by a qualified company that will provide the service we deserve and a good value.  Homeowner input and feedback is vital in making this happen.
  2. The board must strictly follow the law and not ignore the law when it is convenient or cheaper to do so (which was commonplace in the Sher/Shaw group).
  3. The board needs to be transparent, allowing homeowners to witness and participate in all board meetings.
  4. Cedar Run needs to be clean, orderly, and have clearly established (and enforced) rules, including those that cover rental of units, parking, noise, etc.
  5. An ALL VOLUNTEER board, where no directors are paid.

That said, I condemn ANY candidate whose agenda is to defend the above actions taken under the Sher/Shaw regime and who plans to revert back to them.  MOST KNOW OF WHOM I SPEAK!

You can help ensure that a responsible board is elected by printing, filling out, signing, and returning a proxy that I will use to ensure we end up with a responsible board that will MOVE US FORWARD and make sound decisions, with NO OTHER AGENDA and NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST.

I hope I can count on your support and your vote to help make Cedar Run better than ever!!

Thanks for reading,


A Proxy form for candidate Rob Schulman can be found by clicking HERE.

Feel free to scan & email the signed proxy to
Click HERE for other options for returning your signed proxy.

 We will ensure that Mr. Schulman receives all proxies sent to us, and we will pass along any questions, comments, or inquiries you may have for him.

Other candidates are welcome and encouraged to submit statements that they'd like published on the blog. 

Lastly, feel free to call or text the
 (224) 544-9058

Election Update from Receiver

Dear Blog subscribers,

Please read the following announcement from the Receiver regarding the 8/4 election.

Dear Homeowners,

The Cedar Run HOC election is this Thursday,  August 4th at 7:00 pm in the club house. 
  • We will have the sign in table manned at 6:00 pm to allow people to arrive, sign in and verify the proxies.
  • The meeting will start at 7:00 pm so please come early to get signed in.
  • This meeting and voting is for owners only.
Thank you.
Al Schroeder

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nine Days until Cedar Run Election - Candidate Bios Available.

The Election is right around the corner.  Once again, homeowners should have received the following items in the mail.

  1. A list of nominated candidates
  2. A set of rules describing how the election will be conducted
  3. A Proxy with two options
  4. A Letter entitles "Overview of Litigation"
In our last blog post, we focused on the  "Overview of Litigation".  If you haven't already, please scroll down the page and read that blog from 7/20/16.

Our focus this time is on the list of nominated candidates.  No, we won't be going through each name on the list.  We'll let each of them speak for themselves.

What was not included in the mailing was the nomination and qualification info that each candidate submitted.  This information is currently available to view or pick up at the Cedar Run Clubhouse, but we've obtain copies of them for your convenience.

You can view these forms by clicking HERE.

Do also note that additional candidates may participate as write-in candidates.  There will need to be at least one write-in candidate because there are currently 11 nominated candidates for 12 positions on the board.  Write-ins will need to be nominated from the floor on the day of the election, and they will make their statements verbally to the homeowners.

Lastly, we encourage all candidates, whether write-in or nominated, to send us any statements that they'd like to have posted on this blog.  Email us at

Please check back regularly for more election info.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Two Weeks Until Cedar Run Election

By now, all  Cedar Run homeowners should have received a mailing that included the following:

  1. A list of nominated candidates
  2. A set of rules describing how the election will be conducted
  3. A Proxy with two options
  4. A Letter entitles "Overview of Litigation"
Our focus for today's blog post is item #4, Overview of Litigation.


A copy of this letter can be found HERE.

The Overview of Litigation was approved by the court and ordered to be disseminated to all owners.  The issuing of this letter is a very important, necessary step to ensure that all owners understand the legal issues that have plagued Cedar Run over the past four years.  It is critical that all Cedar Run owners can make their decision on August 4th as INFORMED VOTERS.

While there is much detail left out of this letter, it  does provide a concise, factually correct summary of what has happened in Cedar Run, why we are in receivership, and why we are having this election.

Whether you are a long-time owner or a recent buyer, we strongly encourage you to read this Overview of Litigation.

Some items to note within the letter:

The Sher/Shaw group adopted a set of By-Laws in 2012 without notifying or getting approval from homeowners.  These bylaws conflicted with Illinois law and were determined, by the court, to be void.  A copy of these By-Laws (Which we've often appropriately referred to as "The Bogus By-Laws") can be found HERE.

An Exclusive Consulting Agreement was signed in 2012 between the HOC ("Party #1") and Robert Sher & Jack Shaw ("Party #2").  This agreement, even more so than the Bogus Bylaws, essentially guaranteed employment and pay for Robert & Jack for EIGHT YEARS.  It's worth noting that the only signature on the agreement for "Party #1" was Barbara Shaw....The wife and daughter of both members of "Party #2", respectively.  A copy of this agreement can be found HERE.

Robert Sher and Jack Shaw received a total of $168,920.55 for serving on the oversight committee. This figure came directly from a court-approved report by the accounting firm Frost, Ruttenberg & Rothblatt (FR&R).  A copy of the text of the report can be found HERE.

Within the FR&R report, you'll find information that is even more appalling regarding how the Sher/Shaw group handled Cedar Run's finances, taxes, collections, employees, relationships with contractors.  You'll also see that over $218K went to their family's law firm, Shaw Legal Services, and the over $43K paid out to settle judgements that were filed against them by vendors.

The numbers DO NOT LIE, and this was all funded with OUR MONEY!

Please stay tuned for more updates, as well as some statements from actual candidates who are running for positions on the Cedar Run HOC board.

In the meantime....
We'd love to hear from you!
(224) 544-9058

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